ELEGANT K‐9 DIVISION World Class Protection Service.


    Our handlers and trainers come from disciplined backgrounds all of them have completed courses in various and different disciplines of K-9 security, ranking from handler, trainer to dog master. A Pre-request as a K-9 handler with ESG is a minimum of at least 2 years working experience in K-9 Security with a competency Certificate from an accredited k-9 training institution. Possesses the experience, common sense. Patience and determination to deliver an outstanding service.

  • Different Vehicle types

    Different Vehicle types
    Dry dock ship yards
    Different types of buildings

  • k-9 security involves

    Security surveillance and patrols
    Crowd control
    Suspect apprehending and deterrence.

  • k-9 security involves

    Arson investigation
    Narcotic and Explosive detection

  • k-9 security involves

    Search and rescue mission
    Human remain
    Cadaver retrieval



Elegant K‐9 Division’s mission is to protect work places, homes, business complexes and communities. ESG pioneers the security industry by introducing and refining specialized security solutions that provide superior value to customers  of all sizes and industries.  With this dedication to its mission, ESG has launched the ELEGANT K‐9DIVISION to support the patrol and odor detection needs of small, medium and large businesses. The

ESG K‐9 offers its customers the ability to employ proven, world‐class security and detection measures at their facilities. This service differentiates Elegant Services Group from other security providers because of its three main strengths – superior training, coverage capability and reliability.




K‐9 detection is a security solution for customers who may experience a greater level of risk from terrorism, weaponry, bomb threats, presence of narcotics or physical attacks due to the nature of their business. These customers may nclude: high‐rise buildings, parking structures, transportation, shipping and logistics facilities. K‐9 has also been called on to perform explosive detection services at highly visible sporting events, entertainment and cultural and educational venues. Elegant K‐9 leader ship team has over decade‐long of combined experience in training, handling and canine care. Over 25 fully trained canine handler teams are ready for immediate deployment, providing unparalleled capacity and scalability to its clients. Our quality standards have been recognized and certified by a variety of organizations.


A Elegant K‐9 Division creates and delivers credible and cost‐effective canine solutions to private business and government agencies. The


A Elegant K-9 services include:

  • General security surveillance by security officer/ handler.
  • Crowd control and criminal deterrence as a security presence.
  • Parking lot and building tours.
  • Loitering, vandalism and violence indicators observation.
  • Detection: narcotics and explosives materials.
  • Security patrol.
  • Cargo inspection.
  • Identification of suspected materials.
  • We Have Training Equipment, Emergency Response Gear, and have a Training facility with a full range of Canine Training and Management team

  • Our training methods are proof positive that a focused foundation of teamwork between canine and his partner, yield higher and more successful results than other more aggressive training methods

  • ESG K-9 Security solution can be utilized in different type of business environments of the public and private sector as it is a cost effective crime preventative and crime fighting measure.

ESG The Elegant K‐9 Division offers trained and deployable odor‐detection canine/ handler team for Explosives, Narcotics, Tracking, Canine and handler training.


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